Software industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina is growing day by day, primarily thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of domestic software companies. There is a highest demand on the world market in this industry, and it has a trend of long-term continuous growth.

According to the preliminary analysis of BIT Alliance, the annual income per software engineer ranges between 40 000 and 60 000 EUR. For example, training of a new 1.000 software engineers BiH could generate, primary from export, more than 45 mill EUR per year. It is estimated that at present there are between 2.500 to 3.500 programmers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to the Agency TEC, the analysis of the IT sector , 423 in total, of which 386 are small, 28 medium and 9 large business entities. Today, this sector contributes with around 75 million EUR to the total GDP. Operational revenues of companies from this field have increased by 60 % in comparison with 2010, the number of employed persons by nearly 67 %, and the net income has tripled, according to the analysis.