Field visit of FMRPO representatives to Trn Business Zone
Arranged part of communal infrastructure in business zone Trn
Business zone Trn

On January 29th 2020, members of the Commission for Monitoring the Incentive Funds Expenditure under the Grant scheme "Construction of Business Zones in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina" by the Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts made a field visit to the Trn Business Zone with representatives of the project implementation team. The project infrastructure activities planned by the project budget were related to the "Construction of municipal infrastructure in the Trn business zone".

The value of the project is BAM 353,289.58, and it was financed from the FMRPO funds in the amount of BAM 234,688.00, and from the budget of the City of Široki Brijeg in the amount of BAM 118,601.58.

By setting up a part of the communal infrastructure in the business zone of Trn, the conditions for further growth and development of business entities were created by reducing the spatial constraints in the development of individual entrepreneurs.

The most important result of the project is increased employment in several business entities in the Trn business zone.

Also, the construction of 640 m of new road (without asphalt layer) and 1400 m of new water supply network created the preconditions for the activation of new construction plots with the possibility of employing new workers. The construction of this section of the local road completed its full-length tracing, which connected the business zone (the first phase) to the main road M 6.1.

In this way, an adequate connection of the Trn business zone to the main road M 6.1 was obtained, which until now did not exist due to the inability to extend the existing connection.