Textile industry

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a long tradition and a good international reputation in textiles, clothing and footwear industry. B&H has achieved progress in modernizing its production units and introducing new technologies aimed at becoming part of the global market. B&H has a number of experienced and skilled workforces with both, academic and practical experience. The proximity of B&H to both Western and Eastern European markets is a major asset. B&H has the potential to attract companies wishing to relocate closer to their main markets, able to provide a short product delivery cycle to European retailers.

B&H textile and clothing industries have inherent skills, and good reputations as suppliers of textile and footwear based consumer products to the German and Italian markets of the European Union (EU). New partnerships are bringing in new equipment and management know-how, as well as money, to those companies that have already been privatized.

Why invest in Textile and footwear industry in B&H:

  • Long tradition of clothing and footwear production
  • Good reputation as supplier to the German and Italian markets
  • Low labor cost
  • Inherent skills in spinning, weaving and knitting in the workforce
  • Close proximity to major world textile markets
  • Development of SME’s