Mining and metals industry

The metal sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina has a long history, great potentials and it has a natural competitive advantage mainly due to existing raw material resources, low wages and a heritage of the past. B&H metal processing offers strong human and resources base as well as long tradition enabling sustainable development of various value-added businesses.

The beginnings of the metal work in Bosnia and Herzegovina reach back into history, especially through the handicraft production and manufacture. It is reach in mineral resources (particularly iron ore, bauxite, lead, zinc and copper).The metal processing industry in B&H is quite large, covering the manufacture of basic metals: basic iron, steel and alloys and manufacture of fabricated metal products, such as forging, pressing, pressing and rolling of metals, powder metallurgy, treatment and coating of metals, general engineering. Metalworking sector it is highly concentrated in two large companies Mitall Steel Zenica and Aluminium Mostar.

Mining sector offers - both to serve local processing industries, electricity generation and for the export. This segment of the industry is in the process of revitalization and re-engineering. The oldest mining areas are in central Bosnia (Mount Vranica) and eastern Bosnia. The most famous mines in Bosnia and Herzegovina are located in central Bosnia (Kamenica, Olovo, Dusina, Dezevice) and eastern Bosnia (Srebrenica and its surrounding area).