Energy sector is one of the most powerful in B & H, with long tradition and huge potentials and opportunities for further development and investment. B&H is a member of the Energy Community of SEE established in November 2002 between EU and SEE countries in order to extend the EU internal energy market to South East Europe and beyond.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is endeavored with various indigenous energy recourses, as follows:

  • The main energy resource of B & H is coal (brown coal and lignite), with estimated reserves of 10 x 109 tons
  • Only about 35 % of huge hydro potential of over 6000 MW is in use
  • According to the extensive researches, there is significant wind energy potential
  • Raw material resources for the bio-mass energy are extremely favorable, including approximately 1.5 million m3 of forest / wood industry residues (all wood waste, sawdust, chips, and chipped technical wood), etc.
  • Potential for exploitation of geo-thermal and solar energy are available too, but have not been explored and exploited
  • Preliminary research surveys of oil and gas, had indicated the presence of promising deposits on a number of sites in B & H (off-balance sheet reserves are estimated at about 50 million tons of oil)