Bosnia and Herzegovina has always been a major player in the construction world. BiH companies have acquired a solid reputation in all aspects of construction projects, ranging from design to structural engineering, building construction, civil engineering and the production of high-quality building materials.

The country abounds in natural resources such as timber, stone, gravel, sand, clay and metal ores. The potential for growth in Bosnia and Herzegovina construction market is very high. First priority was given to the repair and renovation of existing property and infrastructure.

More opportunities for growth in the B&H building industry are to be found in the civil engineering sector, where there are a number of schemes in addition to Corridor Vc under discussion for major road, rail and energy production developments. These are large-scale construction projects requiring the creation of consortiums to carry out the range of tasks involved and to be concurrent at the international tenders.

Construction companies supply key markets in the Middle East, North Africa, Russia and Asia due to a fact that local market demands decreased since 2009. Skilled labor force strongly recommended to the construction market abroad (2009/10 increased foreign works in 131%), due to the available capacities in B&H construction industry that is highly recognized all over the world.

Requirements and opportunities in construction industry exist and will be priority for the next period. Highway and railway are chance for the companies and construction industry as whole.