Two more business zones to be opened in Živinice
New investors from BiH and abroad are interested in investing in Živinice.

Since the Ciljuga II business zone attracted a significant number of investors in the past year and an investment of about 35 million BAM, Živinice could soon build new business zones on two more locations.

Municipal mayor Samir Kamenjaković said that two new locations were already set up for business zones.

– One of the more serious locations is on the main road to the airport, towards Dubrava, near the bridge that is being built. Here we have approximately 200 dunams. We started with obtaining all the necessary documents so that we could smoothly form the zones – Kamenjaković said for RTV TK news.

He added that he wants to present the two new locations for the business zones to the employers of the municipality of Živinice, followed by the councilors of the Municipal Council, after which they will go into tidying up the new business zones.

New investors from BiH and abroad are interested in investing in Živinice, which is encouraging for the local authorities.

– A year and a half ago, we decided to set up the Ciljuge II business zone. In a year and a half, we managed to determine the location, tidy up the business zone, negotiate with the investors and reach an agreement with them, and than God they have already started investing into Živinice – Kamenjaković emphasized.