28 facilities due to be constructed in the Krušik business zone

If the draft of the regulatory plan passes the public debate, the Krušik business zone will be constructed in the western part of the municipality of Kalesija on a surface area of 52.3 hectares. This area is located near Tuzla Airport, which would be one of the major benefits that this area would have.

The plan includes the construction of 28 commercial and manufacturing facilities, two agricultural-production facilities within the existing farms and two small farms for free cows with all facilities.

“The spatial plan of the Kalesija Municipality has this area planned as a industry-business zone with the predominant purpose of production-processing capacities in the sectors most represented in this area. Positioning of new facilities should ensure maximum orientation to the local road, i.e the plan for parceling should ensure that all parcels are connected to the local road. All new facilities will be at least 10 meters from the local road. The planned extension of the industry-business zone is planned on both sides of the local road in the width of about 100 meters so that it is tied to existing parts of this industry-business zone”, as per the Regulatory Plan.

The construction of the Plan was initiated by the Municipality of Kalesija, with the aim of adopting an implementation-planning document that determines the proper organization, use and purpose of space, and measures and guidelines for planning and protection of space

As stated, the zone is intended for economy or business, it will occupy an area of 228,702 meters, and the plan is foreseen that the agricultural-productive zone occupies 294,298 meters.

“The municipality of Kalesija holds important resources for intensive development of agriculture, so agriculture as a branch of the economy in the strategic development documents of the municipality has a priority. The municipality area holds many agricultural producers who've found themselves turn into a craftsmanship or a stable farm, so that they are increasingly present in the market with their products. The basis for the preparation of this year's plan is the planned production entered into the register of agricultural holdings as well as statistical data on the common sowing”, as stated by the Kalesija municipality.